Full Screen Ratio in Alight Motion

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full screen ratio in alight motion

Alight motion full screen ratio refers to the aspect ratio of the project or video you are working on. It gives users full support for the video’s dimension and shape. We know that we watch videos on our laptop screen, iPad screen, desktop screen, and also full screen ratio mobile, so for all objects with different screen ratios,

The widescreen ratio includes a 16:9 ratio, the full-screen ratio in Light motion that you use on a laptop or desktop screen. The content used on YouTube is mostly a widescreen ratio, which is helpful for your big devices because it has a wider viewing area and is excellent for watching videos and movies.

In this modern age, many modern devices and platforms that want to be our content fill the screen without the black bars on the sides. So, the Alight motion app gives you a full-screen ratio option while improving the quality with a full screen pixel size.

Additional information on Full-Screen Ratio in Alight motion

9:16 (Vertical)

Afterward, a vertical screen ratio includes a 9:16 ratio commonly used in our mobile devices and all smartphones. Many social media platforms follow the vertical Full-screen aspect ratio for Android that helps watch or make videos for Instagram, stories,tiktok, and Snapchat.

1:1 (Square)

The square screen ratio of 1:1 is most commonly used to make our videos or photos in squares for showcasing work, artwork, and creative content. Mostly, we watch videos on X(Twitter), and Facebook makes it from the square screen ratio. So that you have a full-screen ratio, mobile helps manage your content and video according to the viewer and maintains the quality of the video when you watch from your screen.

full screen resolution size

Full Screen Video Ratio in Alight motion

The ratio(16:9 Widescreen) is the total screen ratio. You can optimize our content video or project that you are using from other devices, and the platform mostly uses total screen ratio or widescreen ratio.

For example, let’s say we make a video for YouTube using 16:9 that fills your screen without any black bars.

The quality of alight motion seems professional when viewing videos in a widescreen ratio. Because the Alight Motion 4k full screen ratio is famous in video editing, it increases video quality by using or changing the screen ratio.

  • Open the Application and start a new Video project.
  • Find where it says Video settings or properties.
  • Look for options to change the shape or size of your Videos.
  • You can pick a shape like widescreen (16:9), standard (4:3), or another that works for fullscreen.
  • Put the video you want to work on into your project.
  • Use the editing tools to make the video fit the shape you picked. You should make it bigger or smaller based on the original video.
  • Check your project to be sure the video fits the whole screen like you want.
  • When you’re happy with the changes, save or export your video.

How can you fix the Full Screen Ratio in Alight motion

The following steps are to fix the screen ratio in Alight motion.

  • First, open the project in alight motion.
  • Then, click the “setting “icon representing a gear or cog.
  • Look for the “project setting “or “resolution” option.
  • In the project, you see the option for different screen ratios, such as 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, or customs ratio.
  • Choose the desired full-screen ratio that you want to use for our project and videos.
  • So you select the ratio, save the change, and continue working on your project.

By fixing the full screen resolution size in Alight motion, you ensure our video will be displayed correctly without distortion when viewed on different devices and platforms.

Final Word

Alight Motion is fantastic for giving such great features and tools for shining our passion and making our videos for social media for audiences by editing with all the full-screen mods of the Alight Motion app. Let’s try it for fun.
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