How to Mask On Alight Motion Ultimate Guide to Use Masking Feature

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alight motion masking

Alight Motion is a mobile application for video editing and animation, and it does offer masking features to help you selectively show or hide parts of your videos or images.


Alight Motion using masks in video editing, graphic design, and computer graphics is like a special trick to hide or show parts of a picture or video. It’s like having an invisible shape or a gray picture that decides how clear or see-through different parts of a photograph or video are. The hidden parts can be completely invisible, a little see-through, or not see-through.

What is Meant by Masking?

Picking and Choosing: Masks help you decide which parts of a picture or video you want people to see and which parts you want to keep hidden. It is handy for making cool effects, smooth transitions, or combining different pictures.

Different Shapes: Masks can be shaped like squares, circles, or freeform shapes. You can also use the brightness of a picture to make a mask. The shape you choose decides how the picture underneath looks.

See-Through Power: Masks can make parts of a picture more see-through. It’s like having a sliding scale for how clear or blurry you want things to be, making it look smooth.

Fancy Effects: If you use many masks, make them move, or add special effects, you can make cool and changing pictures or videos.

Layering and Mixing: Masks often work with different layers. Layers are like stacked pictures; masks can be put on each layer to make things look just right. This layering and mixing is how people make awesome designs and videos.

Magic Alpha: Masks are friends with the alpha part of a picture or video. Alpha decides how see-through each dot is; masks can change this, showing or hiding parts of the picture.

Moving Pictures: Some computer programs, like Alight Motion, let you make masks move in your projects. Makes your pictures or videos more interesting with all the moving parts.

  1. With the masking feature, you reveal or hide specific parts of your video or other elements. This allows for creative transitions and effects.
  2. Shape Blending: Alight Motion offers various blending modes that will enable you to combine shapes with other elements in your video. This can create interesting visual effects and overlays.

Different Types of Alight Motion Masking

Ellipse Mask: Like the rectangle, but in a circle or oval shape.

Rectangle Mask: Make a box-shaped mask to show or hide parts of a layer.

Freeform Mask: Draw your custom shape for detailed masking.

Path Mask: Define a mask using a specific path for complex shapes and patterns.

Alpha Matte Mask: Use the transparency of a layer to control how clear or hidden the masked layer is; this is great for fancy transitions.

Luma Matte Mask: Similar to alpha matte, but uses brightness values for masking effects.

Image or Video Mask: Use another picture or video to control visibility based on brightness or transparency.

Gradient Mask: Create a smooth transition between visible and hidden areas for nice fades or blends.

Text Mask: Use text characters as a mask to reveal or hide parts of the layer.

Feathered Mask: Soften the edges of a mask for a gradual transition between hidden and visible areas.

Inverted Mask: Flip the mask, so what was showing is now hidden, and what was hidden is now showing.

Layer Mask: Combine masks with effects or adjustment layers to apply effects to specific areas of a layer.”

How to Use the Mask in Alight Motion: Step by Step Guide

  1. Open Alight Motion: Make sure Alight Motion is installed on your device. Open the app.
  2. Create or Open a Project: Start a new project or go into one you already made. That’s where you’ll do the cool stuff with masks.
  3. Import Media: Put in the video or picture you want to work with. It’s like bringing your ingredients to the cooking table.
  4. Add a Layer: Hit the “+” button on the timeline. Think of it as adding a new layer, like a page for your pictures or videos.
  5. Select the Layer: Look at the timeline and tap on the layer you want to use as a mask. It’s like picking which page you wish to draw on.
  6. Access the Masking Option: Look for the “Mask” option in the layer settings, usually represented by a square with a circle inside or a similar symbol.
  7. Choose a Mask Type: Alight Motion offers different mask types like rectangles, ellipses, and freeforms. Pick the one that suits your needs.
  8. Adjust the Mask: After applying the mask, tweak its size, position, and shape using on-screen handles or sliders in the mask settings.
  9. Animate the Mask (Optional): Alight Motion lets you animate masks if you want movement. Look for animation options in the mask settings.
  10. Preview Your Work: Before finalizing, preview your project to ensure the masking effect looks right.
  11. Add Additional Layers and Effects: Explore more features, like blending modes and effects, to enhance your masked elements.
  12. Export Your Project: When satisfied, export your project to save or share it.”


  • Alight Motion Mod Apk is easy to use, with a friendly design. You can do a lot by tapping and swiping in a way that makes sense. Try out different things in the app to find even more cool stuff.
  • Remember, how the app looks might change when they update it. So, if you want the newest info, check the official Alight Motion app guide or the community forums.

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