How to Reverse Video in Alight Motion

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how to reverse your clip in alight motion

Reversing video can create beautiful and surprising effects for the viewer. It can make your video look more creative, artistic, or magical. Alight Motion doesn’t have a direct “reverse” feature for videos.

For Android users, you can easily download by visiting our page titled Alight Motion Pro APK, while iPhone, iPad, and Mac users can access the app through Alight Motion Mod APK for iOS. Alternatively, the Alight Motion app is available for download on Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

For example, if you can reverse video of a flower blooming, a waterfall flowing, or a firework exploding and see how different it looks when played backward. So, for the reverse video, Alight motion is best. That can be fun and an easy way to make your video more beautiful and interesting for others.

You can also share your reversed videos on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, and impress your friends or followers.

How we Make Reverse Video in Alight Motion Step By Step Guide

It is very simple to make it.

  • First of all, you need to open your video in the Alight motion app.
  • You can either choose a video from your device or paste a link to a video from YouTube, TikTok, or any other video source.
  • Import the video clip that you want to reverse into the timeline.
  • After importing the video, you will see it appear as a layer in your project timeline.
  • Identify the duration of the video clip you want to reverse. You can trim it if needed.
  • Let’s find the reverse option. It’s usually located in a Menu or toolbar at the top or bottom of the screen. Look for an icon that looks like two arrows pointing in opposite directions.
  • This allows you to adjust the speed of your reversed video, such as making it faster or slower.
  • You can also mute the sound of your video or reverse the audio as well.
  • When your video is reversed, then you can play it and back to see the reverse effects.
  • If you are satisfied with the result, you can download or save your reversed video to your device or share it online.

Additional information for Reversing Video in Alight motion

These tools do not add a watermark or logo to your reversed video, so you may use it and get a premium version fully free and get rid of its worth. It may also offer other effects or features, such as adding text, filters, stickers, or music to your reversed video.

Can I Reverse a live Stream Video? 

Suppose you are watching the live stream video on YouTube or any other platform. So you can use the screen recorder app that records the live stream and then use the alight motion app and follow the above step for editing.  

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