Alight Motion Elements (50+ Elements By Motion Forest)

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Alight motion elements

Element is an environmentally friendly section, similar to the group. They are ordered distinctly from consistent tasks and can be started in the element sub-tab from the object tab in alight motion. The same layer or project that you find in yourself that you are working on many projects. These types of layers save them in elements. It is also available in your add MEnu for your editing purposes.

We can share and also download the other elements for editing. Elements having text can be modified without moving the creative element—very close to reusable titles.

What are Elements in Alight Motion?

Elements in alight motion include text, shapes, images, stickers, titles and even audio. So, some title elements give eye-catching visuals. It’s a great way to add creativity and flair to a video.

Title element

Comic title

The comic title is an important part of comic book art. So they help to create the brand identity and visual appeal of the comic. After downloading, you can use it freely.

Pop title

Pop-up titles, also known as tooltips, are title attributes. The web browser usually styles it, but it can also be customized using HTML, CSS or JavaScript. It helps to build your intro or outro for your animation.

Flag title

We can animate the flag title to appear or fly in, creating a captivating introduction or transition. You can easily download this title and work on our project. And also a lot more titles, such as line drawing titles, paper cutout titles, crossline titles, and slice text, that help in your animation project.


Dog, cat, Christmas stocking, reindeer, dot burst, line burst 1, double dot burst that you are customized freely and make our videos with full fun and eye-catching visuals.

New Year Stickers

Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments, red ribbon banner, Christmas present, stocking, All these elements are available in the Alight motion app.

Alight Motion Element Packs free Download

This site offers a free element pack for the alight motion, so you can visit this website and find the element pack that you want to download. You usually click on the download link or button, and then you can save the zip file or APK file free to your device that extracts it and imports it into the alight motion.

Exploring the Utilization of Elements: A Comprehensive Guide

To explore or use the elements in Alight Motion, you need to follow these steps:

 Download or create an element.

You can download pre-made elements from this website or create your element using the app tool.

Import the element into your project. Tap the + button on the timeline and select.

Then, choose the element you want to import from your collection.

Adjust the element’s properties. You can resize, rotate, move, crop, and animate the element as you wish. You can also edit the element’s layers, colours, effects, and masks.

For all to do this, choose the group layer, then tap on it > and click on the three-dot (…) at the right side of the corner> so you select it and save these elements.

Modifying the Color of an Element

To modify the colour of an element in Alight Motion, you can use the effect. There are the steps to follow:

  • Choose an element that you change the colour of. Tap and choose from the list and effects.
  • Adjust the hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast sliders to achieve the desired color.
  • You can also use the colour replace option to replace a specific colour in the element with another one.
  • Tap the preview button and see how the element looks with a new color.
  • Tap the save button to apply the change.
Modifying the Color of an Element

Effectively Handling Elements: Best Practices and Strategies

To manage elements in alight motion, you can use my element collection. That is where you can view, edit, delete and share. You can also import your element from other sources or export to other devices.

To view your element, tap on the + button on the timeline and select an element, then tap my element to see all elements you have created or imported. 

To edit an element, tap and hold the element you want to edit and select to edit. You can modify it with layers, colors, effects and animation as you wish

To delete an element, tap and hold the element you want to delete and select delete. You can also swipe left and trap the trash icon.

How to Share Element

Tap and hold the element you want to share and select the share. You can choose the platform or app you want to share the element with. You can also swipe left of the element and tap the share icon.

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